"Dance Academy: A Story of Love and Dance" by DannahSundberg

 "Dance Academy: A Story of Love and Dance" is a contemporary drama series revolving around young teenage girl Tara Webster, who dreams of being a professional ballet dancer at the prestigious National Academy of Dance in New York City. After attending the academy for a short period of time, Tara quickly finds herself falling in love with her fellow classmates and fellow dancer Emory Taylor. While the other students live together in a dorm, the students work hard at school while the other students to pursue their own passions.

Once the students graduate from the dance academy from this page, they must begin the road of their lives by joining the dance company. While Emory and Tara become good friends, problems start to develop when the dance company becomes too ambitious. In order to keep up with the competition, the dance academy has to make up for the difference in class sizes by hiring teachers. It is during these tensions that Tara falls for her principal dancer, David, but something is definitely wrong when the relationship becomes too physical.

The main conflict at first involves the conflict between the two students. While Emory wants to pursue his passion for dance and pursue his dream by enrolling in the academy, Tara wants to have a normal life. She wants to pursue her dream by attending night classes with the other students at the school but David is not interested in this. He feels that being a dancer is just a waste of time, and so he tells Emory that he wants to pursue a career as an actor instead. For more facts about music, visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_4865921_make-musical-instruments-home.html

The drama starts with the dance academy welcoming the incoming freshmen and teaching them the ropes in the school. One of the first students, Jameson, is an older student who is still shy and nervous about entering a new environment. After a few days of classes, Jameson decides to try out for the talent show "The Ballet Theater" which features the youngest student in the history of the Academy. This makes Jameson more comfortable with himself and helps him feel confident about his abilities.

But as a result, Jameson has developed some strange feelings towards the instructor, Mr. Travolta, and begins to think that he is jealous of him. When Jameson tells his father, he is immediately shunned by the man, even though Jameson had been told by Mr. Travolta that he is Mr. Travolta's best student. As tensions mount between Jameson and Mr. Travolta, Emory continues to wonder if she is capable of keeping the relationship alive with her boyfriend, David, who refuses to talk about it. Be sure to click for more info!

Eventually, however, after months of tension, David decides to give the relationship a try and the tension between him and Emory is released when he tells David about his affair with a woman named Lisa. David also tells Jameson about his relationship with Lisa in order to make Jameson realize what he is doing wrong. David decides to end his affair with Lisa when he tells Jameson about his plans for a future without her and when David decides to tell his mother that he will be dating another man, Emory finally decides that she has had enough of the romance between her boyfriend and David.